Fishing for Bass – Bass Fishing Arizona

Fishing for bass, Gary shows us how to use a fish finder. This video is hugely popular on Youtube! Gary has a newer graph now, one of the new ones from Lowrance. But this one still works great! and the information in the video is very useful.

In this video, Gary shows us how to rig up a bass assassin! He’s really fishing for bass!

Gary Senft from Arizona began fishing as a young boy and has never given up the passion. He became a Pro and has been tournament fishing for 15 years in AllStar, Arizona Bass Fishing, American Bass Association and Monterey Bass.

For six years he appeared on a local Arizona television show “Fishing with the Good Ol’ Boys” and “Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife View”
Gary has also worked with the program “Fishing Has No Boundaries” which teaches physically challenged children that joy of fishing.

Currently Gary is the captain of the Bass Pro Shops – Nitro Team. This is his second year working as a Bass Pro Shops Pro.
Gary has been awarded “Angler of the Year” 5 times from 1997 thru 2006.

You can often find Gary out on one of the local Phoenix lakes, busy fishing for bass. One time when I was out with him, fishing in his boat, with his gear, we caught 20-30 bass in an hour, when no one else was having any luck. His knowledge of the lakes and methods is amazing. If you want to be successful fishing for bass, be sure and check out some of the video on this site. He gladly reveals many great bass fishing tips that work!

There are many other pages on this site, all chock full of information to help you start fishing for bass on those Phoenix area lakes. If you go out in the summer, be sure and take lots of water and sunscreen! It can get pretty toasty out there on the water. Sometimes we wet down a towel and wear it like a hat — it will keep you cool, as the dry Arizona air cools the towel by evaporation. And, it will keep the sun off your neck.

Many folks like to wear shorts, but save your skin — wear light colored pants. I like workout pants, they are light colored and not too heavy, like jeans. If you are out lots, wear a long sleeved shirt as well. And drink plenty of water!

Just be prepared if you are headed out to the Phoenix lakes in the summer. Make sure your experience fishing for bass out there is a great one! We’ll see you on the water!