Fishing Bass in Lake Havasu

If you are looking for one of the most popular recreational and fishing locations in Arizona outside of Phoenix, Lake Havasu and Lake Havasu City are what you want. This is a large lake that is part of the Colorado River basin and home to a large number of bass as well as other species of game fish. The primary species of bass are striped, large mouth and small mouth with others following. Fishing bass here can be fun!

This lake is stocked so the fish levels will change accordingly, but the bass as the apex predators keep everything in its natural order.

There are always a large number of bass in the lake, but they move around considerably during the year due mostly to the changes in water temperature, so using a fish finder is definitely a plus. Lake Havasu really is a large and long lake and you could spend days fishing bass without one.

For most people this is a little more than a day trip from Phoenix, but there is ample camping and hotels available in the city. This is one of the primary locations to avoid during spring break because with all the college students the lake is a bit crowded to the south and most of the hotels and camp sites are taken.

As a common venue for professional bass fishing tournaments, this is a very popular location for aspiring and semi-pro bass fisherman. When you live in an area it makes it easier to spend many weeks a year learning these waters and the habits of the fish.

Most of the volume of the catches are; stripped bass in the 3 – 6 pound range and large mouth bass in the 2 – 4 pound range. 10 pound plus striped bass are not uncommon while many of the tournament pros will bring in a number of large mouth bass close to the same size, experience counts.

To give you an idea of how popular Lake Havasu is as a tournament location, there is at least one type of tournament taking place every weekend from September to May with many of the big tournaments running during the week.

Because of the driving distance, most of the aspiring pros will leave their boat in Lake Havasu City at one of the many rental spots or at the marina. The drive is long and pulling a boat each way gets old after a while. Another thing nice about leaving your boat at the lake is that you can travel by car. The bad thing is that you need another boat to go fishing locally.

Lake Havasu truly is one of the top fishing and family destinations in Arizona and Lake Havasu City is a very modern with entertainment for everyone in the family.

This desert oasis is the home of the real London Bridge which is the second most popular tourist attraction in Arizona second only to the Grand Canyon.

Go for fishing bass, but bring the family along for a great weekend or even a week.